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A loooooong night for Hawaii

With visions of Boise State's thrilling win over Oklahoma in last year's Fiesta Bowl dancing in their heads, more than a fair share of the college football fans tuned into last night's Sugar Bowl may have been hoping that another WAC team, undefeated Hawaii, could pull off a similar victory.

Georgia had other ideas, though, pounding the Rainbow right off of the Warriors -- oh wait, the school already dropped the "Rainbow" from their nickname -- by a 41-10 score. In his final collegiate game Hawaii QB Colt Brennan threw no touchdown passes and was intercepted three times, sacked eight times and lost two fumbles, one being recovered by the Bulldogs for a touchdown. One game can't be used as a reliable indicator but I imagine the Heisman finalist's NFL draft stock is trending downward today.

Not only was the game not very competitive, but it took forever. It didn't end until nearly 1 am Eastern time. (And you thought only major league baseball playoff games ended so late.) I watched very little of it, but tuned in at one point to hear the Fox announcers complaining that Georgia challenged a call, up 38-3 with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter, and that the replay review was taking forever. Anyone who watched this game from start to finish had to be either a loyal Georgia fan or a masochist. -- Joe Guckin