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The weather in Foxboro and Green Bay today

There's been lots of talk this week about the cold weather at the AFC and NFC Championship games today. The latest weather forecast for the kickoffs at the two games:

Foxboro: 22 degrees, feels like 10, partly cloudy

Green Bay: 2 degrees, feels like -13, clear

I played in conditions like this one time about four years ago. It was a flag football game in January: 9 degrees, felt like below zero, light snow. I'll never forget catching a pass at the end of the game; When the ball hit my hands, a shock ran down my arms that nearly caused me to drop the ball. I was in Aspen the last couple of days, and it was a high of 14 there, lows well below zero. In my wool hat, sweater and heavy jacket, I had trouble simply staying outside for longer than an hour at a time.

Good luck, boys! -Cyd Zeigler jr.

Also: Weather football was 'meant' to be played in.