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Did jockey Frankie Dettori kiss Gov. Schwarzenegger?

The Governor took time away from electioneering to attend the Breeders Cup today, arriving at Santa Anita just before the running of the much-awaited Classic. So he was there to see Dettori ride British-owned Raven's Pass to an upset victory. Good-looking Dettori is Europe's top jockey, and makes himself famous on the other side of the pond for his flying dismounts in the winner's circle, and for kissing everybody in sight, male and female. Europeans find it mildly amusing. It was Dettori's second win of the Cup. So he was pretty happy, and America got its first live look at Dettori's way of celebrating.
Looking hot in his green Godolphin silks, Dettori jumped off Raven's Pass and kissed his way around the winner's circle, bussing some family and acquaintances. Then he just kept going. He even kissed the lens of the ESPN news camera. You could feel a few puritanical American eyebrows going up. One of the ESPN commentators said drily, "I wonder if he's going to kiss the Governor."

"Probably not," said one of the other commentators.

Yes, Raven's Pass denied that Classic win to Curlin, last year's winner, who faded to fourth -- probably over-campaigned this year, and not totally comfortable with the synthetic track surface. It was a good day for the sport, with no broken legs. And a good meet for the Europeans, who won most of the races, because their horses are used to running on turf, so they adjust easily to the poly tracks. It was a lot for them kiss about.