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What is it about the Yankees and marriage?

It always helps to have inside information when gambling. Here's some more proof: at the start of spring training, New York Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui made a bet with teammates Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu about which of the three would get married first. Matsui said that Jeter, who claims not to have a girlfriend, had a year to marry in order to win the bet while Abreu, who does have one, had six months.

Matsui flew to New York on Wednesday and got married, winning the bet. He said he had already known he was getting married when he made the bet. So he was asked if he got married just to win the bet. He laughed and replied, "Maybe." The amount wagered wasn't revealed.

This strange bet brought to mind the case of Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson. It was 35 years ago this spring when the story broke that the two friends had moved into each other's house the previous fall -- but that their wives didn't move. The story goes that the two were on a double date with their wives in 1972 when they began joking about wife-swapping. Soon after, each man would occasionally sleep with the other's wife, and they made the arrangement permanent that off-season. Well, not entirely permanent. The Mike Kekich-Marilyn Peterson relationship didn't last very long. However, Susan Kekich and Fritz Peterson married -- each other -- in 1974 and according to Wikipedia the two are still married.

Of course, it's only same-sex marriage that makes a mockery of that sacred institution... :roll: -- Joe Guckin