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Hockey's over, now please shave

crosbyd.jpgThe Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-2, to win Game 6 of their Stanley Cup playoff series and take the Cup for the first time since 2002. Detroit's winning goal was kind of fluky and basically involved Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury sitting on a loose puck in the net area and then propelling it with his butt into the net. Pittsburgh scored a goal with 1:27 left to pull to within one and then had a great chance just come short at the end.

Detroit was the better team throughout the series and deserved the win. Now I can only hope that the players on both teams will shave their "playoff beards" they've been wearing for weeks. It's a hockey tradition to not shave until elimination, which means we get the awful sight of the hot Sidney Crosby trying pathetically to grow some chin pubes (see photo). And most other players look like they've just been rescued from a month in the woods. It is one hockey tradition we can do without. --Jim Buzinski