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Stormy night at Wrigley

Here's some fan video from the outfield bleachers at Wrigley Field during last night's Cubs-Astros game. The Chicago region was rocked by severe thundestorms, which stopped the game for over 2 1/2 hours in the 6th inning. Tornado warnings were issued and fans were ordered out of the bleachers and into the concourses. Wind gusts as high as 94 MPH were reported in the region. In this video you can hear the tornado warning sirens blaring...


A second wave of storms halted play in the 8th, thanks to Houston first baseman Lance Berkman. There was a series of lightning bolts -- the weather experts say that if you can see lightning, you are in danger and need to take shelter -- but the game continued until a particularly loud boom sent Berkman racing off the field. The umpires finally woke up and stopped the game again; after a 39-minute delay it was called for good, with the Astros awarded a shortened 2-0 win. Berkman said afterwards, "Let me say this: I’ve never been more nervous on the field in my life." -- Joe Guckin