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The Games' "It Boy," literally

One of the possible breakout stars of these Games is British diver Tom Daley and for one simple reason -- he's 14 and the youngest Olympian.

He is tailed by autograph-hunters, makes groups of girls collapse into red-faced giggles and has the world's media hanging on his every word. He was even picked out by television cameras during last night's opening ceremony - for someone unknown in Britain until this year, Tom Daley is rapidly becoming a global star.

The 14-year-old from Plymouth begins his quest for two gold medals with his partner Blake Aldridge in the 10m synchronized pairs diving on Monday morning British time, but such was the clamour to speak to him at a press conference yesterday it appears interest in the event will extend way beyond these shores. America, Canada and Australia in particular have all warmed to his fascinating story.

It is Daley's age and exhuberance (he was jazzed to meet tennis star Rafael Nadal) that has captivated much of the media and of fans in diving-mad China. And he seems to take it all in stride.

"It's always been my dream to win an Olympic medal, but I'm not expecting to win it here," Daley said. "I'm just hoping to gain some experience for London 2012."

Daley is endearing in another way -- he keeps a stuffed monkey poolside for good luck, called "Cuddly Monkey." Can't imagine Brett Favre doing the same.