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Idaho gym says lesbians & son not a family

Nampa, Idaho residents Amber Howard and Rachel Dovel and their son just wanted to work out and swim together. In one of those "oh god, just legalize gay marriage already" moments, the Nampa Rec Center gym has denied Howard & Dovel a family membership because Amber & Rachel could not provide legal documents showing that they were married in Idaho.

Howard & Dovel have lived together for two years and are raising Amber's biological son, Logan. But the NRC's policy states that the only ones eligible for the family discount are married couples and their children. Funny though, single parents and their children can get the family rate, but in this case, Rachel would have to pay for her own individual membership. Unfortunately for Amber, Rachel and Logan, that means they'd have to shell out up to $400 more per year than if all three were on the same family membership.

And while the Idaho clan has found a local YMCA that did give them a family rate, this is one of those stories that keep popping up whose number are legion.

See, this is why we fight. It's not just for the big things ... we've got to get gay marriage legalized for little details like this. Life is all about the details.