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Saying bye-bye to two Outsports NFL faves

Oh how quickly the stars of two Outsports faves are fading in the NFL. I've written before about the demise of Brady Quinn in Cleveland. It seems he's on the precipice of losing about $11 million this year because he couldn't hang onto the starting job there. He's also put his Cleveland-area house up for sale; Odd time to sell a house unless you have to.

Then there's Terrell Owens. He talked some big talk in the offseason, looking to prove the Cowboys (who cut him) wrong. He had his own reality show and competed on ABC's Superstars show. Now he sits in the cellar of the AFC East and his stats sit in Neverland: Averaging 36 yards per game and recording only 1 score in his first six games with the Buffalo Bills. Those are averages he has never, not even in his rookie season, seen.

Quinn has the chance to find another home and be a backup somewhere, but Owens is likely done. And because he chose to go to Buffalo, he's pretty much forgotten.