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Tony Dungy and God endorse Tim Tebow

Tony Dungy, who retired from the NFL last season but just won't go away, has now thrown his endorsement to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow (right), calling the Gator star a "franchise quarterback." He claims the run-first QB is a better NFL prospect than Sam Bradford, Jake Locker and every other college signal-caller.

Given how much God, Jesus and the Bible seem to motivate most of what Dungy does these days, I wonder how much of this comes from Tebow's expressed love for the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. General consensus seems to be that Tebow is a great college QB and that his talent will have trouble translating to the pros. Throw me in that group. Plus, Tebow hasn't been great this season.

I wonder if Dungy is again blinded by his faith. How he can call the 2009 version of Vince Young the best NFL QB prospect is beyond my understanding. But God has spoken!