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Yep, Brady Quinn still sucks

This was supposed to be his third chance. His big breakout. Brady Quinn was being named the starter of the Cleveland Browns for the third time in the last two seasons, and we were finally going to see the player who earned first-round draft status. And then he had to play a game...and had one of the worst performances by a quarterback in the NFL this season. He completed under 42% of his passes, averaged an abismal 3.2 yards per attempt and threw 2 interceptions with no TDs. Other than his one 30-yard completion, he averaged 2.3 yards per attempt for the other 30 attempts. Plus, he should be looking at a fine for a dirty cheap shot hit on Terrell Suggs.

I know a lot of people think he's hot, and I must say his looks have grown on me a bit. But he is tough to watch out there. Time to sit the guy on the bench and trade or release him in the offseason. Maybe he can do a better job sitting on a bench in Jacksonville or Green Bay.