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Federer's post-game cry -- fair or foul?

I did not stay up to watch Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in a five-set thriller to win the Australian Open. What has gotten the most attention, though, is Federer crying after the match and his statements about how tough the loss was. Nadal is now 13-6 in matches against Federer, and has beaten him in five of seven Grand Slam finals.

God, it's killing me, Federer said, crying. He returned to congratulate Nadal within minutes, saying: 'You deserved it. You played a fantastic final.' ...

In the first moment you're disappointed, you're shocked, you're sad, you know, then all of a sudden it overwhelms you.

The problem is you can't go in the locker room and just take it easy and take a cold shower. You're stuck out there. It's the worst feeling. ... it's rough.

People who saw the moment say they were moved, but on our Discussion Board came this dissenting view from longtime poster Munson Man:

We witnessed the beginning of the Rafael Nadal Era in men's tennis, as well as the complete de-masculinization of Roger Federer. How disgraceful of him to mar Nadal's moment with his theatrics. He showed on the court - especially in that fifth set - that he wasn't tough enough to compete man to man with Rafa, but those histrionics were just too much - man up, you snivvly twat!

Pretty harsh words and I have no opinion having not seen any of it. It seemed as if Nadal understood how Federer felt as evidenced by the two of them embracing. For those who did watch, was Federer's post-match reaction fair or did it take away from Nadal's moment?