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Gay men being friends with straight men

The New York Times has a good article that looks into the types of friendships that gay and straight men can have with each other. Its conclusion:

Although male friends of opposite orientations can face formidable obstacles - sexuality, language, peer pressure, inequality - there seems to be more mutual appreciation and common ground.

I found many of the issues raised by the friends to be spot on as they related to the friends I have who are straight. And it hit on one area of commonality that is very true with me: a common love of sports.

One conclusion Professor Savin-Williams drew from his conversations with young men was that there was a direct correlation between how “straight acting” they were and whether they had close straight friends. Sports, he said, were a common area for bonding.

“I find very few straight men really wanting to be friends with really obvious gay men,” he said. “They’re afraid other people will think they’re gay because their friend is so obviously gay, or there’s a feeling of almost slight disgust with feminine behavior in a male body.”

I would love to hear about the friendship you have with guys who are straight, and what issues -- if any -- you have faced. Does this article ring true with your experiences.