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College football: Who's your No. 1?

Heisman winner Tim Tebow of top-ranked Florida.

Heisman winner Tim Tebow of top-ranked Florida.

The 2009 college football season starts a week from Saturday and every one has an opinion on who will play in the BCS title game in the Rose Bowl in January. Florida is an overwhelming favorite to win its second straight BCS title, but teams such as Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Alabama are widely considered in the mix.

I like college football but don't follow it nearly as closely as a lot of you do.

We invite you to post your thoughts on the season, such as which two teams will play for the BCS title and who will win it; the most overrated and most underrated teams; and the game you are most interested in. Also give your alma mater, so we can check your biases. I went to Penn State, for the record, and am glad the Nits are in a lot of Top 10 preseason rankings.