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Alabama beats Texas in pedestrian BCS game

Alabama beat Texas, 37-21, to win the BCS title game in the Rose Bowl, in a game that was pretty much over when Longhorn QB Colt McCoy hurt his shoulder on his fifth snap and never returned.

'Bama won the game and their fans can celebrate, but the Tide was less than impressive. It came against a freshman quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, who was awful in the first half before staging a fourth-quarter rally that briefly made the ho-hum game interesting. The best part was watching Alabama coach Nick Saban look pissed after being dunked by Gatorade as the clock ran down. He comes across as an unsmiling a--hole even in victory.

For the most part, the game was boring and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving sport (the BCS is the worst system of any of our major sports).

Alabama, despite what you heard on ABC, did not win the national championship since none exists in the BCS. 'Bama is unbeaten, but so is 14-0 Boise State, and no one except a Tide partisan can say that Alabama is clearly better.

The last four BCS title games have been dogs -- we saw Ohio State twice stink it up, followed by Oklahoma last year and now a Texas team playing with one arm tied behind its back with McCoy out. Gee, but having a playoff would ruin college football! Thankfully, the NFL playoffs start Saturday, so we can quickly watch a sport that crowns its champion on the field.