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Is Johnny Weir gay?

The figure skater leaves every hint but isn't saying the words.

Elsa/Getty Images

It's funny to me that we still get asked the question: "Is Johnny Weir gay?" People started asking during the 2006 Winter Olympics, when Weir was all over NBC, including segments titled "Weir eye for the straight guy" and "He's hear, he's Weir." That was when he talked about listening to Christina Aguilera and his outfit was designed to look like a swan, which he named Camille.

Over the last four years, Weir has been the gayest thing in sports. He walked in the Heatherette show and appeared in Black Book in high heels. In his documentary, "Pop Star On Ice," he's in a bubble bath with his best friend, Paris and he lies on the couch with a Hello Kitty doll. When ESPN asked him for an interview, he took the reporter for a mani-pedi. When I interviewed Weir last summer and asked him how many sequins are too many, he answered: "What kind of question is that? There are never too many."

During his stint in Torino back in 2006, this is what I wrote:

My guess is, he's gay as balloons and he keeps coming out to us in just about every media interview he does. To come out, you don't have to call a press conference and say to the world, "Yep, I'm gay." I think if you got Johnny to talk off the record he'd probably say, "Are you an idiot? Did you not see the outfits I've been wearing? Did you not see me on NBC? What, do I have to spell it out for you?" Just because he hasn't said the words doesn't mean he hasn't told us. Weir seems completely comfortable with everyone else talking about his sexuality. He just isn't interested in talking about it. He's much more interested in shopping, listening to Christina Aguilera and trying on sunglasses.

If you have watched Weir, last night wearing a black-and-pink corsett with pretty pink frills down his arm, and you are still asking whether Weir is out or not, you need to check the prescription on your contact lenses. Actions speak louder than words, and whether or not Weir says the words "I'm gay" to a reporter, he is the outest, proudest man in sports!