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He has Olympic Fever, literally

Good morning, all! I woke up today feeling less then stellar. I have the Olympic Plague ... plugged nose, sore throat, and a fever.

This Olympic Fever is not the one you want. At the last four Olympic Games, there have been viral infections that swung through the villages, leaving athletes barely enough energy to compete at their events.

  • In 1998, "Nagano Flu", keep the village under terror. A number of athletes, and people who attended the events as spectators were left with higher fevers, and vomiting. Maybe it's good I didn't get to go to compete.
  • In 2002, "Utah Fever", hit the Olympic Village and streets. When I was there, I was lucky to stay enough from it.
  • In 2006 "Italian's Revenge", as it was termed by the athletes, hit the village the second week of the Games.

I have had an extremely busy last eight days. With watching the Games, going to school, work, flying to Vancouver for 24 hours, doing the Olympic thing, writing for Outsports and getting 3 1/2-hours of sleep before catching a flight back on Monday at 5:45a.m., I think my body is telling me, "ENOUGH CONLEY ... WE'RE NOT 20 ANYMORE!"

As I was feeling down on myself, after looking at my Facebook, I see I am not the only one who has been left feeling like i've been Mack truck. One skater's Facebook status: "I now know what death warmed over feels like."

So today the men's skaters get 24 hours of rest, and so do I. Who wants to miss out anything at the Olympics?

I have a new name for this malady: "West Coast Head Cold." Unless you have something better.