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Vonn & Mancuso -- who's to blame?

Re the Vonn/Mancuso incident in the giant slalom yesterday: As usual, the media are trying to squeeze a tabloid story out of the personalities involved -- Mancuso's ruffled feelings and the rivalry between the two women. Personally, I am wondering why the media aren't looking at officials who sent the next skier down the hill when the previous skier had crashed and was still lying there on the course. Somebody's head should roll for this.

Yes, the officials were starting skiers at 1-minute intervals because of threatening weather and deteriorating conditions on the course. But surely there is a standing rule about having a clear course, no matter what the weather might be -- especially in a high-speed downhill event like the slalom. For example, no official in their right mind would let the next bobsled start down the run if the previous sliders have wrecked and haven't gotten off the run yet. Why would it be any different for the slalom?

It was also unfair to the other skiiers to give Mancuso a second run -- even though the whole incident wasn't her fault in any way. But the re-run did gave her an unfair advantage -- a familiarity with the course and its up-to-the-minute snow conditions that other skiers didn't have.

All these problems could have been avoided if somebody had simply phoned up to the start house and said, "Hold Mancuso till we get Vonn off the course."