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The United States owns the podium!

After all the squawking Candians made us suffer through about how they would win the medal count, after Russia's posturing about their goal of 40 medals in these Olympics, it's the good guys who will win this Winter Olympics medal count. The United States of America will come away not only with its first Winter Olympics medal championship since my grandmother was 5, but a record for the most medals ever at the Winter Olympics. The previous record for medals on the snow and ice was 36, set by Germany in 2002.

With this performance, this United States team is arguably the greatest Winter Olympics team of all time. The U.S. scored medals all over the Olympics, from hockey to figure skating to speed skating to skiing and bobsled. Kudos to all of the American athletes for taking Canada's million-dollar "own the podium" campaign and owning it for themselves! U-S-A! U-S-A!