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Philly gay nights with the 76ers and Flyers

Longtime friend of Outsports Larry Felzer (who organized our second Outsports convention back in 2004) has set up gay nights at the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia flyers this month, continuing the great tradition he's established with the Phillies.But this time around it was someone with the teams, Comcast Spectacor's Event Services Department Matt Oldsey, contacting Larry to set up the event. Felzer told the Philadelphia Gay News:

I was contacted by someone who works for the Sixers and the Flyers, and I had really wanted to do the Flyers night before but it wasn't able to happen, so I thought that if we could do it with both these teams this year, that'd be really great. ... They know their fans come in all races, all backgrounds, and it is nice to actually be contacted by them about setting this up instead of the other way around.

The Sixers game is this Monday, March 1, against the Orlando Magic; the Flyers game is March 25 against the Minnesota Wild. To purchase tickets, call Oldsey at (215) 952-5280. Tickets to the 76ers game are $20, and tix to the Flyers are $30.