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Friend: Johnny Weir went gay

Sundance Channel's original show "Be Good Johnny Weir" covered the U.S. Championship in January tonight. Shortly after Johnny won the bronze and was named to the U.S. Olympic team, Johnny's best friend Paris made a comment the likes of which I haven't heard from Johnny's inner circle:

I think it's great that he made the Olympics with going gay.

You might say this isn't a big deal, but Johnny's a producer of the show: This got a nod from him or his peeps. Johnny also talks in the episode about judges hurting him because he is a "non-conformist."

When Ellen came out of the closet, she was on the cover of Time magazine with the headline: "Yep, I'm gay." I've been thinking more and more that we're going to see Weir on the cover of a magazine with the headline: "Duh, I'm gay" sometime in the near future.