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TNA misfires with bi-zarre bi-sexual wrestler

Between my high school and college years I was an avid pro wrestling fan. I wouldn't miss a show. But in all those years of guys grabbing at each other's naked bodies, I never saw anything as strange as what I saw Monday night on TNA Impact. It was supposed to be the coming out of bisexual wrestler and character Orlando Jordan; Instead, it was a freak show.

Jordan was lowered from the ceiling wrapped in caution tape that said, "Cross the Line." He then crawled and rolled around the ring like a cat on the prowl. He left the ring, walked over to a curtain and whipped off his sunglasses to reveal...he was wearing eyeshadow! The curtain raised to reveal a pretty woman and hot guy sitting on a couch with a picture connecting two male symbols and one female symbol. Jordan sat between the two and the camera cut away to a commentator who was nearly left speechless: "Well folks I don't know what to make of that, but we'll continue nonetheless."

I have to wonder what that whole episode was supposed to accomplish. Am I supposed to be enchanted or intrigued with this character? Am I supposed to want to see more of this guy parading around in caution tape? Mission not accomplished.

It's obvious the crowd was put off by the display. It sounded like you could hear a pin drop in the place: An awkward silence. I can't even say it's because it was a bisexual character, because you couldn't tell that from what he was doing. It was just strange.

Check out the video below. Does it make you want to see more of bisexual Orlando Jordan?