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March Madness to have 96 teams soon?

I love the first few days of March Madness. Even in a season when I don't pay a lot of attention, I'll watch those first couple rounds. But as if six rounds over three weeks wasn't enough, the NCAA is talking very seriously about expanding the number of teams in the tournament to 96 or more! Some have even argued in the past for a field of 256 teams (which would only take one more week). The reaction to the trial balloon has been overwhelming:

Public reaction to the possibility has been ... well, apoplectic. In a USA Today poll asking readers whether the NCAA should expand, 80 percent voted "no." Washington Post columnist Tracee Hamilton called it "the worst idea in the history of ideas." A headline on the popular Michigan fan site read: "The 96 Team NCAA Tournament: A Plot Against America."

Why is it the NCAA wants to make the basketball tournament too big, but they can't figure out a BCS system that even has a tournament at all!