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Diego Maradona assures us he's not gay

Argentina soccer coach Diego Maradona loves to hug and kiss and players before and during and after games -- but don't get the impression that he's gay or anything. "I love women... so people don't think I've turned over," he told reporters at a press coneference.

I am dating Veronica who is blond and 31-years-old.

No I have not gone limp-wristed. But I like to acknowledge and congratulate my players when they play as well as they did today. That was a pleasing result and display. It was a job well done.

Maradona not gay? What a relief. If there was one of those "Would you sleep with X if he was the last man on Earth?" contests, Maradona would be X and the answer would be no.

Hat tip to Deadspin.