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USA scores in 91st minute and wins!

The perfect way to watch soccer. I woke up in the 80th minute of the USA-Algeria World Cup game. Game tied, 0-0. No hope, game over. Until the 91st minute when Landon Donovan (right) leads a coast-to-coast break, gets a rebound off a missed shot and scores. U.S. wins, 1-0. The U.S. saves itself from 90 scoreless minutes with one fast break. And they needed it, as England was beating Slovenia. They went from out of the World Cup to winning Group C in a flash. The last time the U.S. won their group: 1930.

I will say this for soccer: The NFL could learn something about allowing big post-score celebrations from the "other" football. There's nothing wrong with piling up on the sideline after a big score, and I'm glad these teams are allowed to do it.