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It's Spain vs. Netherlands for World Cup

Never doubt the predictive powers of an octopus. Paul the Octopus lives in a German aquarium and was 5 for 5 in picking Germany's World Cup matches (he even got their 1-0 loss to Serbia correct). Prior to the semifinal match against Spain, Paul snagged the clam from the tank marked "Spain," and he was proven correct when Spain beat Germany, 1-0, to advance to the World Cup final.

Spain will play the Netherlands on Sunday, and the winner will capture their nation's first World Cup title. Germany had been a goal-scoring machine this tourney, but got only two shots on goal against a stingy Spanish defense.

It promises to be an interesting final since Spain and the Netherlands have never met in a World Cup. I will be waiting to see who Paul picks before making my selection, provided he hasn't been turned into sushi by then.