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Newsflash: Johnny Weir comes out as gay

He's here, he's Weir. Several Web sites (including AfterElton) are reporting that figure skater Johnny Weir says he is gay in his new book, Welcome To My World. Weir said he would talk directly about relationships in his book, and those relationships obviously include men. One tidbit from a People interview of Weir that AfterElton reported struck me:

Weir also discusses the pressure he felt from gay websites who "couldn't figure out why I was such a jerk that I wouldn't talk it [being gay]."

"A lot of the gays got downright angry about my silence. But pressure is the last thing that would make me want to 'join' a community."

I hope he doesn't mean Outsports! We never got angry or frustrated with him. In fact, I personally celebrated the fact that he wouldn't answer the question with his words, but he answered it over and over again with his actions. For those people who desperately needed Johnny to SAY he is gay, they finally got their wish.