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USFS and Smucker's targeting Weir again?

According to some fans, Johnny Weir is again getting screwed by United States Figured Skating. Weir is only the second skater ever to receive the Readers Choice Award (Michelle Kwan Trophy) twice, and he will be given the award at the US Figure Skating National Championship at Jan. 30. However, Weir has been told he cannot perform at the exhibition skate that weekend because USFS rules ban skaters who are not competing this season and who don't finish in top three at nationals.

However, the USFS has ignored their own rules and invited Evan Lysacek, who also doesn't qualify to skate (he isn't competing and also will not finish in the top three). Oh, did I mention the exhibition is called the Smucker's Skating Spectacular? Claims of institutional homophobia have been hurled at Smucker's before.

Hat tip to Lynn I. and Jessica J.