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Michigan State stuns Wisconsin, 37-31, on last-play Hail Mary touchdown pass

Kirk Cousins

Wow. In what was the best ending I've seen in either a college or pro football game this season, Michigan State beat Wisconsin, 37-31, on a last-play throw-it-up-and-hope touchdown pass (video below). The pass was thrown by Kirk Cousins and was caught off a ricochet by Keith Nichol, a former QB.

The refs first ruled Nichol down at the 1 but they reversed themselves after replay clearly showed Nichol breaking the plane of the goal line with the ball. It was a stunning ending to a game that saw Wisconsin rally to tie the score at 31 late. The Badgers lost for the first time this year.

I question why Wisconsin used two timeouts on Michigan State's final drive, when it appeared the Spartans were content to play for overtime. The first TO was understandable since Michigan State was facing a 2nd-and-21, but the second was a head-scratcher. Cousins to Nichol:

Two hours after Wisconsin lost, Oklahoma was upset at home by Texas Tech for the Sooners' first loss. This will really scramble the BCS rankings and give hope to quality teams like Boise State and Stanford who don't get the recognition they deserve.