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BCS mess: Oklahoma State loses to Iowa State, so who's No. 2?

I love it when the bogus BCS is a mess. Major college football stubbornly refuses to have a playoff and the result is a unsatisfying system that got turned upside down Friday night when Iowa State stunned previously unbeaten Oklahoma State, 37-31, in overtime.

LSU and Houston are the only major unbeaten teams and Houston has zero shot of making the title game (it's not fair, it just is). If LSU wins out, the Tigers will get one slot in the title game. But who will get the second?

There are a bunch of one-loss teams, led by Alabama, Oregon and Oklahoma -- one of those has the inside track simply because they rank higher in the standings. But what about Clemson or Virginia Tech or Arkansas (which plays LSU next week), or Stanford or Boise State for that matter? (Note: Oregon, Oklahoma and Clemson all lost Saturday). It will be impossible to say that any of the one-loss teams is clearly better than the others. And if LSU should lose, the BCS might as well draw two names out of a hat. It couldn't happen to a more screwed-up system.