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Brian Burke and Toronto Gay Hockey Association host LGBT event

The Toronto Marlies, a farm team of the Maple Leafs, held a sold-out LGBT event on Saturday featuring Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. The event was co-hosted by the Toronto Gay Hockey Association and featured a hockey shinny (the equivalent of a pick-up game) with Burke! He later Tweeted about it as only a GM can:

Marlies won! The team is having a great season. Had a great skate with the TGHA. Good guys, except for the one in a Habs sweater.

Burke spoke to TSN about skating with the gay hockey group. He also talked about the three-step program he's developing:

  1. Practice and teach acceptance
  2. Join a gay-straight alliance or PFLAG
  3. Stop homophobic slurs and bullying

If you haven't noticed, folks, an NHL General Manager is a huge advocate for gay equality. That's a big deal!