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VCU pep band leader Ryan Kopacsi likes to strip and is also a male model

Ryan Kopacsi

Virginia Commonwealth is one of the surprise teams in the NCAA men's basketball Sweet 16, having been one of the final entries into the expanded field. VCU also has a pep band that goes to every game with a band leader, Ryan Kopacsi, who likes to do a partial strip, not a surprise since he is/was also a male model.

TTS is of course shorthand for Time To Strip, referring to VCU band leader Ryan Kopacsi. ... He arrived with a jacket, vest, tie and giant novelty bling. Exactly 5 minutes, 27 seconds into the game, he is already down to his signature white t-shirt with the Superman logo.

As for the modeling part, Kopacsi's Model Mayhem profile hasn't been update since 2006, but at least back then he looked good in his tighty-whitetys:

The pep band in action with a little stripping:

Hat tip to Deadspin