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GForce adds gay lacrosse team

GForce, which has organized an all-star gay hockey team for several years, has announced the start of an all-star gay lacrosse team. The team, headed by Andrew McIntosh (right), will start play this autumn. Anyone interested in playing on the team should contact GForce.

We have the full press release from GForce after the jump.

DENVER – GForce Sports has announced the formation of an elite gay lacrosse team as part of the group’s effort to showcase quality gay athletes.

GForce Sports has operated a nationally recognized gay hockey team for more seven years, playing in hockey tournaments around the US and Canada and hosting the annual Friendship Cup in Aspen. The Cup pits GForce against some of Colorado’s best hockey players with GForce leading the yearly series 4-3.

“GForce Hockey has shown that gay athletes compete with the best,” said GForce Sports president Glenn Witman. “Our members come from all over North America to compete and the wins speak for themselves.

“We’ve found incredible enthusiasm from gay lacrosse players for starting an all-gay team and we’re excited to make lacrosse the next showcase for good-natured competition between a great gay team and straight players,” he said.

Former SUNY-Oneonta team captain Andrew McIntosh will lead GForce’s team and is recruiting players. McIntosh says he already has half the team’s roster filled.

“Lacrosse has such wide appeal across the United States and Canada that we’re getting fantastic interest from potential players,” McIntosh said. “People are going to be surprised at the depth of the team and the quality of competition once everyone is together.”

McIntosh said the team will likely begin playing during this fall’s tournament season. Potential players can contact him at

GForce Sports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equality in sports regardless of sexual orientation. In addition to friendly competition between gay and straight teams, GForce provides speakers from a number of sports through its “Invisible Athlete” forums and one-on-one mentoring of athletes working through issues of sexuality with its Athlete Buddy System. For more information, visit