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Patricia Nell Warren releases 'My West,' an anthology of the Western United States

Patricia Nell Warren has released a new anthology of stories and articles about one of her favorite topics: The Western United States. Titled My West, the book is just that: a vision of the beauty and grandeur of the West through Warren's insightful eyes. Warren is the author of the best-selling gay-themed novel of all time, The Front Runner, about a gay Olympic hopeful and his coach. From the book description:

Warren grew up on the Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Montana, now a national historic site. In addition to writing eight novels, she spent the last 50-plus years carving out a body of short works that both celebrate and scrutinize her native West. Her articles, commentaries, editorials, blogs, investigative reports and historical pieces have appeared everywhere from The Reader’s Digest and Persimmon Hill to Huffington Post and the Hot Springs Little Baldy Press.

In this anthology, she collects a sagebrush bouquet of 47 favorites on everything from agriculture to zest, with animals, city life, cooking, ethnicity, gender, history, politics, sexual orientation and spirituality along the way. As an out American author, Warren used these subjects as a lens through which to view “her West.”

Warren was most recently in Montana where she was the grand marshal of Montana Pride! It was also her birthday last week. She will appear this Sunday, June 26, at an event in Griffith Park; The event is open to the public.

You can find Warren's new book here, and you can also track her down on Facebook. Getting to know her has been one of my highlights of running Outsports; She's got a treasure trove of stories to tell and I can't wait to dive into this book.