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Fantastic 'Gay rights movement' video doesn't include sports

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A fantastic, moving video was posted on YouTube earlier this week that chronicles the ups and downs of the gay rights movement. From being outcasts in the '50s to defeating Don't Ask Don't Tell, it touches some of the more powerful moments in gay-rights history.

While the video includes references to politics, entertainment, youth, housing, employment, adoption, the military...there is no reference to sports. Not a big deal, not every project has to touch on every corner of the world (e.g., we don't touch politics 99.99% of the time). But from the day we started Outsports, we've said there's as much need for education about sports in the gay community as there is for education about gay issues in the sports world.

That's not to take anything away from the video. It's deeply moving. The guy's already raised $100k for his flick, which is amazing. If it's half as impactful as his 6-minute preview, it will be worth every penny!