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'Hunting Season' explores everyone's favorite sport...

Ben Baur of 'Hunting Season'

I can think of no more popular sport in America than hunting. OK, maybe not for deer, but certainly hunting... for sex. And relationships. The most successful businessmen I know, with all the money and fame in the world, are still just like the rest of us, huntin' for a little lovin'. So when I came across the new Web-based show Hunting Season, it resonated. While I was (for all intents and purposes) married while living in New York, I could see through my friends... there's no better hunting ground than the Big Apple.

The show follows actor Ben Baur as he navigates the streets of New York in search of sex. He ends up finding lots of it (and the show's producers aren't afraid to show it). But, if the direction of the first three episodes are to be believed, he ends up finding a lot more than that.

Be warned though, the show itself is quite racy. Actually, "racy" is putting it mildly. It's like going to a Daniel Nardicio party at the Ice Palace. Suffice it to say, the show is not remotely safe for work. Unless you work for Next magazine. And if it's not sexy enough for you, you can buy the unfiltered episodes without pixelation.

That should get you sufficiently interested in watching.

The show was kind enough to share with us an exclusive video from their next episode, available Wednesday. And it takes place in a gym (What? Hunting for sex in a gym?). See -- it is sports athlete fitness-related. Somehow.