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Filed under: launches as a dating site for dudes into cowboys

Anyone who types in "" expecting to find out about Tony Romo, Miles Austin or Jason Witten, will instead find profiles allegedly of men looking for their own cowpoke. The site launched last week, five years after the Dallas Cowboys screwed up a bidding process to obtain the domain name

“We are extremely excited to have decided on a direction for this property. Gay dating is a primary target for this website however, we will also serve the needs of straight daters as well,” said Darren Cleveland, President/CEO of City Advertising whom is part of the owners group.

“In understanding the traffic base, tens of thousands of visitors per month come to the website looking for a variety of things, dating is one of the most sought after searches. To finally be able to serve these visitors needs is a great opportunity."

The back story of the domain name bidding in 2007 is fascinating -- the winning bid of "275" at a silent auction was accepted, meaning $275,000, but a representative of the Dallas Cowboys thought it meant $275, and backed out. The domain eventually sold for $370,000.

You can't browse profiles on unless you are a member, and the sign-in page says it's the place to "find millionaire singles," which is really bizarre, so this might all be a publicity stunt. The funny part is that the Dallas Cowboys thought you could buy such a prized domain name for the average price of two tickets to watch the team. Maybe that's why they've won one playoff game in 16 seasons.

Hat tip to Deadspin.