Over a dozen Belgian sports entities have come together to mount a campaign against homophobia in soccer. The partners include the highest level of sports in the European nation like the Flemish Minister of Sport, the Royal Belgian Football Association, Pro League, National Football League, Flemish Sports Federation and many others. They launched the campaign with a soccer match last weekend.

The efforts will focus on 10 initiatives, including:

  • An awareness-raising campaign about sexual identity and the creation of a tolerant sporting environment.
  • A toolkit for soccer clubs to discuss LGB issues.
  • Openly condemning homophobic language on and off the pitch.
  • A training program for coaches.

Robbie Rogers has also signed onto the campaign and was in Belgium earlier this week to show his support.

Belgium will be the top seed in Group H for the World Cup next year in Brazil. Belgium plays Russia on June 22, in the middle of pride month and the same day as Gay Pride celebrations in Berlin and New Orleans.