Nebraska Cornhuskers assistant football coach Ron Brown’s passion for his chosen sport is second only to his desire to speak against LGBT equality on behalf of Jesus Christ. Last year he fought hard against city council resolutions in Omahaand Lincoln that would prevent anti-LGBT discrimination in the work place. He lost the battle in both councils, but he won the war in Lincoln, forcing the council to put the issue to a popular vote and killing the protection.

Now comes maybe his biggest test. State Senator Danielle Conrad is putting forward a statewide bill offering protection against LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

"Employment decisions should not be based on classifications of who someone is or who somebody loves," Conrad said. "It should be based on merit and how qualified someone is to do a job."

Given the firestorm of attention Brown received a year ago following his anti-LGBT testimony in Omaha, he stayed out of the spotlight working behind the scenes to kill protection in Lincoln. But with his anti-LGBT religious group focused on Nebraska, will he be able to resist the public statewide battle?

The topic comes up before the Legislature's Judiciary Committee this Thursday. A similar bill was defeated in the Legislature in 2007, 24-15. Governor Dave Heineman has already said he believes any protection for gay people should go to a popular vote.