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Omaha City Council rejects Ron Brown's bigotry, protects gays from discrimination

Despite attempts by Nebraska Cornhuskers assistant football coach Ron Brown to keep anti-LGBT discrimination legal in Omaha, the city council there has voted, 4-3, to protect everyone in the LGBT community from discrimination. According to the Omaha World-Herald, Brown stuck to his position that gay people should be discriminated against:

"The Lord is on the throne," he declared after the Omaha City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday to approve an ordinance that he opposed — protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals from discrimination. "This doesn't stop those who want to honor Him and follow him from doing the best we could to honor His name."

Brown added: "As you learn in sports, things don't always go your way, and you have to be a great sport about it. We all have a responsibility to protect everyone from harm and destruction, and from any ill will and bad comments."

Brown also told the World-Herald reporter that god would punish those who don't discriminate against gay people, that homosexuality is a choice, and that calling gay rights "civil rights" is an insult to black people.

How can someone like this keep his job? It's one thing to have political opinions. While some may seem problematic, we have to allow people of all political persuasions to pursue their life's dreams. This goes beyond that. This is a man, in charge of impressionable young men, saying he believes it is in God's will to discriminate against gay people. He thinks that God will punish you in the afterlife if you don't discriminate against gay people. With about 100 men on the Nebraska football team each year, it's guaranteed that at least one of them is gay every year: Yet they have to hear how they are wrong, and that they must be discriminated against. If Brown found out a player was gay, he would punish that player. This goes beyond a political opinion, what Brown is pushing is truly damaging in a world where so many gay kids still kill themselves.

Somebody's gotta stop this guy...