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Poll: Pick The Worst NCAA Basketball Uniform

Notre Dame with their whatever kind of green you call it.
Notre Dame with their whatever kind of green you call it.

Anyone watching the various college basketball tournaments leading up to the NCAA tournament had a strong reaction to some of the uniforms worn by teams. Ones that either hurt your eyes or you thought were cool. It's the rebirth of Zubaz, the zebra-striped pattern worn on jerseys of at least six teams.

Designed by Adidas, six teams playing the past week wore their Adizeros gear, which pays homage to the Zubaz look -- Notre Dame, Louisville, Cincinnati, Baylor and Kansas. Said one of the Zubaz owners, Bob Truax to the New York Times:

"I love it. I know this is getting a lot of negative press, all these people saying, ‘Ah, these look stupid!' But from what I've heard - and this is the key - the kids like it. It's supposed to be fun."

I'm not a kid so I hate them. Look at the uniforms, take our poll and tell us what you think.

Notre Dame, left and Lousville:










Credits: (Notre Dame, Louisville and Cincinnati: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports; UCLA: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports; Baylor and Kansas: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)