Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was caught coming out of a building by TMZ this weekend. The topic of the 20-second exchange: Fallon Fox.

The cameraman asked Hogan if he would wrestle trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox (even though Fox isn’t a wrestler an Hogan isn’t an MMA fighter). Hogan’s confused response:

I’ll whip her. I mean, I’ll whip him. I’ll whip her. I’m confused. I’ll pin her. Submission. Him.

Unlike terrible rants by Joe Rogan, Dana White and trainer John Fain, this one by Hogan seems far more uninformed than mean-spirited. You can almost see Hogan’s mind spinning wondering, “well what do I call this fighter?” For a guy like Hogan, who has probably spent about seven seconds thinking about Fallon Fox and other trans folks in the last year, he just needs a little education so next time he can answer more appropriately: “She’s a woman. Why are you asking me if I would fight a woman?”

In the past, Hogan has said that if he were gay, he would embrace it.

Hat tip to Blabbeando