Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers Chris Culliver should consider joining a monastery and taking a vow of silence, since trouble seems to follow him when he opens his mouth. Or in this case, uses his fingers.

Culliver, who created a Super Bowl sensation when he uttered homophobic comments, is now under fire for posting a screen capture of a text with a friend on Instagram where women were referred to as “bitch” and “hoes.” He has 30,000 Instagram followers and he later deleted the posting.

When shown the Instagram post today, the team again cited Culliver’s sensitivity-training [for his gay slurs], and issued this statement from General Manager Trent Baalke: “We are aware of the matter, and it is being handled internally.”

Culliver seemed genuinely contrite after he visited the Trevor Project following his gay slur, but his posting a private text containing sexist comments shows he’s still an idiot. The 49ers should ban him from using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tin cans connected by string, smoke signals or any other form of mass communication since he only gets himself in trouble. One more incident and the 49ers won’t be handling anything internally since by then he is likely to be an ex-49er.