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Podcast: Brittney Griner comes out to little fanfare

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The former Baylor star and WNBA rookie announced she is a lesbian. And the mainstream media didn't seem to care.


Listen here: Brittney Griner comes out to little fanfare

Last week, WNBA top draft pick Brittney Griner came out publicly. Some were dismayed that it didn't get more attention. After all, if the top pick in this year's NBA draft came out as gay, his coming out would be the lead story on sports Web sites for weeks.

There has long been a lack of media coverage when it comes to women's sports. Whether it's the women's Final Four or an athlete revealing her sexual orientation, many in the media sadly yawn simply because the athletes involved are women. While women's tennis seems to be the one female sport that gets top attention, athletes like Griner get largely ignored even when they reveal something fascinating and deeply personal about themselves.

This week, we talk about that phonomenon. Is the lack of coverage of Griner's revelation because she's a woman? Or is it because even Griner herself said it wasn't news?

Listen here: Brittney Griner comes out to little fanfare