Brazilian soccer star Neymar has made quite a splash, stripping to his underwear regularly for Lupo clothing. This time, some say they have gone a bit too far with a commercial that is being called "homophobic."

In the ad (video below), Neymar seems eager to model in just his underwear for some women who have come into a clothing store. But when a man enters and asks to see the latest underwear, the soccer star sneaks out the door lest he be ogled by a man.

Certainly the message is that a man might feel a little strange having his package stared at by another man. Outsports has used a "Rocker" scale over the years, with "five Rockers" being really homophobic, and zero being nothing to worry about. This registers around a "one Rocker" for me. While the message is there, it's done with humor, and we've just gotta be able to laugh at some point. I don't think any kid is killing himself over this one (though I would love to see the company go a different direction with their messaging in the future).

Either way, the end result of the ad is that millions of gay men around the world will now see Neymar in his underwear who otherwise would have never Googled it.

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