With all the talk about the Sochi Winter Olympics, few have noticed that the IAAF Track and Field World Championshipswill be held in Moscow Aug. 10-18. This isn't some town on the Black Sea, this is Moscow…as in, down the street from Vladimir Putin's house.

While there are no publicly out LGBT athletes at the Track and Field World Championships, one "Gay" athlete may need some extra security. Mabel Gay is a triple jumper for Cuba. While the Russians surely like the Cuban connection, we're talking about an athlete who will compete with the word GAY on the front of her uniform. This could spell trouble for her!

Surely the Russians will ask her to block her name. Lord knows what unsuspecting Russian teenager may see her name and suddenly decide she's a lesbian!

Good thing Tyson Gay is banned from the competition or he might be in trouble. Though, American hurdler Queen Harrison may want to sleep with one eye open.

Competition in Moscow starts Saturday morning. The women's triple jump will be held next Tuesday and Thursday, Aug. 13 and 15.