Our early clubhouse leader in 2014 for most ignorant homophobic language by an athlete is former pro boxing champion Evander Holyfield, a contestant on "Celebrity Big Brother UK." During a scene with fellow housemate Luisa Zissman, discussing gays in boxing, Holyfield quoted the Bible on "what is wrong and right," and compared being gay to having a handicap that can be fixed.

"If you're born and your leg would turn this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed that way," Holyfield said.

Despite Zissman gently pushing back, Holyfield kept insisting being gay is a choice and said it wasn't normal. He was later warned on the show that his words were offensive and could get him kicked out of the house.

Holyfield, the great defender of right and wrong, has been married three times and fathered 11 children from six different women.