If ever there was a doubt about the depth of Tony Dungy's homophobia, he made it crystal clear tonight on NBC. When asked if he would welcome Ray Rice – the man who punched his wife unconscious earlier this year then tried to keep the details quiet – onto his team, he didn't hesitate to express his support for Rice. He would absolutely accept him onto his team:

I guess the problem with Sam for Dungy is that he hasn't "learned from his mistake" because, of course, Dungy feels Sam being gay is a mistake.

This is just a few months after he said he would not want Michael Sam on his team. He offered some lame excuse for his comment about Sam, saying it was all about the media "distraction" that followed Sam, blaming Oprah Winfrey's docuseries. This, of course, was just a couple years after supporting Michael Vick's return to the NFL as he was being followed for a docuseries.

This is the latest example of a two-faced liar with double standards who has raised money to support bigotry and simply won't admit he doesn't want gay people near football.

Dungy would do well to read Anthony Nicodemo's advice.