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Podcast: Robbie Rogers' big game, Michael Sam's big film, ESPN's big kiss

Robbie Rogers completed his comeback in soccer with an MLS Cup title, his second. And how does Michael Sam's kiss rank among all sports images of the year?

Harry How/Getty Images

Almost two years ago, Robbie Rogers came out openly as gay and thought his pro soccer career was over. So it was exciting and memorable and historic when he stood on the field in Los Angeles celebrating a championship in Major League Soccer. We look at Rogers' remarkable transformation.

Was Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on national TV during the 2014 NFL Draft the sports image of the year? is asking the question and we're answering.

Finally, is how gay-friendly a university might be a good reason for root for their football team in the college bowl playoffs. We look at the LGBT rankings of Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama and Florida State.

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