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Mexico's soccer fans have brought their chant that's a gay slur to the World Cup in Brazil, using the phrase during the games against Cameroon and Brazil. Anyone watching TV broadcasts also would have heard it during both of Mexico's games and ESPN says it will try and prevent it from being heard on-air.

"Puto!," many of Mexico's supporters chant laughingly during goal kicks by the opposing team's goal keeper. The word is slang for "fag" or "man whore" or "coward." Some say its use in soccer is a cultural phrase that means cowardly and is not directed at gays, but the meaning is clearly designed to mock the opponent as weak and unmanly.

Andres Aradillas-Lopez, an economics professor at Penn State and who was born in Mexico, joins us to explain his disgust with the word and with Mexico fans using it the way they are.

Plus, we do a quick recap of the Nike LGBT Sports Summit and the impact of having so many young athletes and coaches in attendance.